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About Hawkpoint Technologies™

Troy Dunsirn started Operon Systems in 2003. In 2016, Troy and his father Duane Dunsirn, drew upon their combined years of engineering, manufacturing and business experience to rebrand and transition the progressive company to HawkPoint Technologies. The Wisconsin-based company employs a staff of experts who install fully-engaged Shop Floor and MRP II systems, along with dashboard technology and IT services to support manufacturing environments.

HawkPoint Technologies helps converting and label customers nationwide streamline workflow, manage inventory, reduce waste and increase profit margins by integrating their Shop Floor, MRP II and Reporting Dashboard software systems. HawkPoint also offers unmatched IT Services and Support to companies in various industries.  Offerings include but are not limited to Disaster Recovery, 24×7 support, and managed services.

Why HawkPoint?

A hawk’s eyes have two points of focus allowing them to see a wider range without moving their eyes – with the additional ability to focus on small objects from a great distance. This line of sight is parallel to business leaders. Management teams need to keep an eye on their day-to- day operations while searching for ways to pinpoint real-time inefficiencies. HawkPoint Technologies help customers gain visibility and focus on their core competencies.

The Story Behind the Story

Troy letting hawk goHawkPoint terminology reflects Troy’s compassion. As a teenager walking the wilderness at his parent’s ranch, Troy found a red-tail hawk in distress. Grabbing a blanket, a dog kennel and his father, Troy took the injured bird to a local rehabilitation center where the veterinarians and volunteers nursed the bird back to good health. Once recovered, Troy released the hawk back into nature, flying northeast over the ranch.

Troy and his family treasure the memory of this event and have incorporated it into their business. Located in northeast Wisconsin, HawkPoint Technologies maintains the symbolic strength, courage and dedication it takes for many companies to take flight within their manufacturing facilities.

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