Who We Are

We are innovative problem solvers and experts in technology. We were born in the paper industry and continue to help paper converters, manufacturers, and printers. However, our client base has expanded to include companies in all industries, including healthcare, legal, agricultural, financial and food manufacturing, just to name a few. While our history is in paper, our future is in IT Services and consulting for all business and all people. Basically, we're the people that "just make it work". Tell us what you need and we'll take it from there.

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Our Mission

Excellenceat our very worst, we will provide exactly what was promised. At our best, we will exceed all expectations.

Our Vision

Products and services that are worth it, provided by knowledgeable business professionals, who always act in the best interest of HawkPoint and HawkPoint's customers. 


Communication: Know your audience and speak to be understood. Listen to understand and retain knowledge. The goal of all communication, spoken or written, is to ensure a mutual understanding is gained.

Ownership: Work as though you own HawkPoint. Own the task and all possible outcomes. Be proactive and always contribute your own ideas.

Direction: Give and insist on being given proper direction. HawkPoint needs thinkers. Respectfully challenge direction given, but also respect decisions made and work toward our common goal.

Ethics: Act in HawkPoint's best interests.

Scott Tornio

Scott Tornio


Jackie Geier

Jackie Geier

Vice President


Chris Rand

Vice President


HawkPoint Technologies was founded in 2003, with a software specifically for paper converting. Our in-depth knowledge of both the paper industry and manufacturing operations allowed us to design tailored solutions to overcome the unique challenges found within these industries.

As HawkPoint has evolved, over the past 19 years, our knowledge in industries and systems has grown. Today, we offer business advisory and managed services to all industries. We do still offer our paper and printing software solution, but this is only one of many tools, that we use to optimize efficiency, improve process and streamline technologies, for businesses throughout Wisconsin and the The United States.

Read more about the Dunsirns and our humble beginnings in our blog.

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