In January, HawkPoint started a company health and fitness program, called Highway to Health. Each month has a different fitness or mental health challenge. We started the year out with the goal of drinking 64 ounces a day. After an increase in bathroom visits, everyone was able to meet the goal of 64 ounces a day without getting a detour (our penalty for not completing a challenge). Last month we tracked our meals every day, using MyFitnessPal so that we could see each other’s progress. This month we’re hitting the gym or hiking trails with a goal of exercising twelve times.

With fitness and health on the brain (and body) I researched the best wellness and fitness apps to have on your phone. It’s a mix for our hardcore and casual fitness friends.

1. MyFitnessPal – Free or $19.99/month for premium

Despite the name, this app tracks more than just fitness. You can track your calories and log meals with one of the largest food database of food, build your own meals and easily add food with a built-in barcode scanner. Track your fitness activities and connect with friends (don’t worry it doesn’t share everything you track…they can’t see you ate a whole bag of chips last night). It can also integrate with over 50 other apps and has a full library of strength and cardio workout videos.

2. Jefit – Free or $6.99/month with a subscription

This is the best app for those who want to get swole, bro. Its focuses on customized weightlifting. Jefit can log your total reps and weights and is very easy to use. You can build your own workout or follow existing, with more than 1,300 exercises available. While in workout mode, it times your rests between sets and keeps your workout data for your personal analytics. Jefit is for all fitness levels.

3. Glo – $24.00/month

Glo is the best app for all you yogis, or wannabe yogis. Join live classes or watch on-demand at all levels. Find encouraging virtual instructors for strength training, reducing stress, or improving sleep. A bonus is that you can download sessions to workout offline or add the app on your Roku or Fire TV Stick and turn your living room into a studio.

4. Calm – $14.99/month

Recommended by psychology professionals, mental health specialists and therapists, Calm is app aimed to help with reducing anxiety, sleeplessness or breaking a habit. It has guided meditations, breathing programs, relaxing music and what they call Sleep Stories – adult bedtime stories to fall asleep to read by celebrities like Harry Styles and Matthew McConaughey. Sessions range from 3 to 25 minutes, depending on how you’re feeling and isn’t just for meditation gurus – their guides are perfect even if you’re a relaxation rookie.

5. Fitbit – Free or $9.99/month for premium

Fitbit is a great all-in-one app. Obviously created to be the Fitbit tracker’s sidekick, you can still use the app even if you don’t have a the Fitbit device. The app syncs your steps, exercise, heartrate, and sleep from your device. Also included in the app is a calorie consumed (and burned) tracker and food log. The Premium subscription has workout videos, mindfulness sessions, a health metrics dashboard and video recipes. Add your friends and start a WorkWeek Hustle challenge or virtually race them in in real-life trails like Yosemite’s Pohono Trail. HawkPoint will be using the Fitbit app to complete our May challenge – get 70,000 steps per week!

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