At HawkPoint we’re proud of our history and the path paved by the Dunsirn family. It’s a tale of innovation, determination and hard work.

Our story begins in 1966 with Duane Dunsirn. His father, Bob, just opened Mid-America Tag and Label, a printing company, with two old and worn printing presses. When the maintenance man quit after six months, Duane volunteered to take that task on. As a result, he designed all the machinery and built 14-color inline presses.

Though he never attended college, Duane’s self-taught engineering talents and innovation earned Mid-America many patent rights and awards over the years.

In 1987 Duane and his brother Brian started Dunsirn Industries, Inc. a slitting, rewinding and paper converting business. Duane’s son Troy joined the company after college and worked the Jennerjahn Rewinders. This hands-on experience and his Mechanical Engineering degree inspired him to create a new machine-control software program that gained real-time machine monitoring, efficiency and profitability across all their manufacturing sites. The family sold Dunsirn Industries in 2001 to Avery Dennison, but this was just the beginning for Troy.

Duane and Troy

Influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and father, Troy left Avery Dennison in 2003 to establish HawkPoint Technologies.

Troy’s first-hand knowledge of paper converting and manufacturing sets HawkPoint apart from other companies. We have an insider’s perspective to finding the perfect solutions for our clients. Troy's machine-control software program is still as effective today as it was in 2003. Visit our Shop Floor page for a full list of benefits and features.

Duane still supports us here at HawkPoint. He provides mentoring, business leadership and engineering expertise that contributes to the success of our teams and ultimately our customers.


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