Remote Monitoring and Managing

Datto RMM allows HawkPoint to securely access your company’s network to perform routine maintenance, apply security fixes, and troubleshoot issues with PCs, servers, and network devices. We can address potential issues before they become a problem because we can monitor your businesses’ devices, applications, and systems continuously. In fact, we can resolve many common issues proactively before they affect your network.

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Its common today that business of all sizes are being under constant attacked. Some are opportunistic, automated and indiscriminate in nature, many are invasive, targeted and precise.

With the high variety, quantity, and rate of attacks, it’s never been more important to use an effective endpoint security that works with other defenses to stop malware, ransomware, phishing, crypto-mining and the other damaging attacks aimed at your users and systems.



What is EndPoint Protection?

Webroot EndPoint Protection is a cyber security service for your laptops, desktops, smartphones, server and more. This includes services like antivirus, antimalware, web filtering and others.

Most businesses are subject to some sort of insurance compliance or privacy regulations so protection is absolutely necessary. Stop modern attacks and give your business reliable endpoint security!


What is DNS Protection?

Webroot DNS (domain name system) Protection is filtering that automatically blocks requests to malicious or dangerous internet domains.

DNS Protection stops threats before they can get to networks or endpoints and infect them. Help your business be in control of its domain.



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