Cloud Services

Our cloud-based services provide your business with the protection it needs. Protecting your network and IT assets is key to keep your business running. Let us help you do this with management and cyber security from an array of vendors.

Microsoft 365
Backup Protection
EndPoint Protection
DNS Protection
Dark Web Monitoring
Phishing Training
Password Management
  • Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 is a subscription to productivity apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and more, with OneDrive storage.

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  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    RMM is a secure system that enables administrators to remotely monitor, secure, support and manage devices.

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  • BCDR

    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services provide protection, prevention, and recovery for potential threats. 

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  • Backup Protection

    SaaS Backup Protection is a complete backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365.

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  • EndPoint Protection

    EndPoint Protection is an antivirus that protects devices from malicious cyberattacks.

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  • DNS Protection

    DNS Protection is a filtering service that protects employees and data from malicious content. 

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  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Dark Web Monitoring monitors business and personal credentials, sending alerts when credentials become compromised. 

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  • Phishing Training

    Phishing Training management system  lets you easily setup phishing campaigns to train your employees on security.

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  • Multifactor Authentication

    Multifactor Authentication protects your applications by using a second source of validation when logging into your devices. 

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  • Password Management

    Password Management securely keeps all of your username and password in one place.

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