Manage your inventory efficiently from raw materials to final product with our comprehensive Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software program. Our software allows you to review, monitor and simplify the workflow of your entire manufacturing process.

HawkPoint Technologies™ MRP Suite is designed for the paper industry. Our popular scheduling tool features a drag-and-drop interface and a visual shaft pattern editor.

Track inventory through genealogy tracing. Our MRP can track multiple children from one parent, and multiple parents that create one child.

Connect RF scanners to easily scan materials into the system. Return remaining inventory to stock, print a label and track by pallets, roll characteristics, lot codes and customer-owned stock.

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Time-Saving Tools Include:


Inventory Control

Work Order Processing


Order Entry

Bill of Materials

Shipping & Receiving

Wireless Warehouse

Supported Capabilities

Purchasing & Receiving

  • Labels can be generated for each roll
  • Receive and manage customer-owned inventory
  • Supports use of RF scanners/barcodes


  • View shipping status
  • Manage and print bill of lading
  • Create and print shipping labels
  • Supports a variety of shipping types and carriers, including blind shipments
  • Create unlimited number of ship to locations
  • Manage delivery terms/FOB (Freight on Board)

Production & Scheduling

  • Multi-step production instructions
  • Return stock, butt rolls, etc. to inventory
  • Create and print labels
  • Generate work orders
  • Generate and print pick lists
  • Schedule jobs with a drag-and-drop tool
  • Create shaft patterns/cut configurations with a visual builder
  • Automatically calculates trim waste
  • Assign quality holds
  • Item genealogy tracing (parent and child)
  • Track labor costs
  • Set goals for run rates and change-overs
Shop Floor

Our job-tracking software interfaces with your existing manufacturing processes, equipment, and order entry programs. It provides real-time metrics so you can apply cost-saving improvement practices that impact your bottom line.

Reporting Dashboard

This web-based analytics tool allows you to monitor and track all key aspects of your company from anywhere. Generate easy-to-read charts and graphs with important KPIs that will help guide your decisions and fine-tune your processes.

IT Services

Move your business forward with data, network and application IT support and services. We'll resolve complex data security issues along with software and network updates. Select from a variety of our managed IT services and support.