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HawkPoint Technologies' Cloud Services provide your business with the protection it needs. Protecting your devices and network is what keeps your business going. HawkPoint's Cloud Services can help you achieve that with device or password management, data backup solutions and cybersecurity protections like phishing or other cyberattacks protection software to keep your business on-top of with the best cybersecurity. 

Password Management
Email Security Awareness Training
Dark Web Monitoring
Internet Access Control
Data Backup & Restore Protection
EndPoint Protection
Data Backup for Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Multifactor Authentication
  • Password Management

    Between work and home, people have dozens of username and passwords. Securely keep all of your username and passwords in one place with HawkPoint's Password Management.


     - Store username/passwords in browser
     - Automatically fill in passwords
     - Safely share password with other users or IT provider
     - Keep other personal information like Wi-Fi or membership account numbers

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  • Email Security Awareness Training

    Phishing scams account for a large percent of data breaches and today's attackers prefer to exploit a business's employees directly. IDAgent BullPhish implements training campaigns to teach employees long-lasting cybersecurity best practices by emailing fake bad links that is followed by training.


     - Training videos
     - Quizzes
     - Training courses
     - Progress reports

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  • Dark Web Monitoring

    IDAgent Dark Web Monitoring watches out to make sure businesses' sensitive information isn't on the Dark Web. Preventing information from being used for data breaches, identify theft and other cybercrimes. 


    - Immediate alerts
    - Runs domain scans regularly
    - Add up to five personal emails

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  • Internet Access Control

    A business's domain can easily be exposed to major attacks and security risks. With these attacks on the rise, it's important to protect your business.

    Webroot DNS Protection is a service that protects employees and data from malicious content by preventing employees from accessing bad websites. 

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  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    RMM is a secure system that enables HawkPoint to remotely monitor, secure, support and manage devices. We can minimize waiting time and on-site charges by remotely fixing issues as they arise.


     - Routine maintenance
     - Inventory reporting
     - Hardware specifications
     - Detect theft or lost devices
     - Control PC Updates

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  • Data Backup & Restore Protection

    Today business rely on data more than ever. If a disaster or cyberattack happens, they need to be prepared to continue operating during these unplanned events.

    Data Backup & Restore Protection services provide protection, prevention, and recovery for potential threats.  

    Siris and Alto is the classic data backup system. If hardware fails, unwanted changes are made to a file, malicious attacks occur or file gets deleted Siris and Alto can restore the data to provide business the uptime it needs.


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  • EndPoint Protection

    EndPoint Protection is an antivirus that protects devices from malicious cyberattacks.


     - Protects multiple devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, server and more
     - Not just an antivirus, its also a antimalware and web filter
     - Nonintrusive software
     - Won't slow down your device


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  • Data Backup & Restore Protection for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 does not backup against data loss or cloud backup. Data Backup & Restore Protection is a complete backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365. 


     - Accidental deletion
     - Unwanted edits or changes to files
     - Malicious deletion
     - Ransomeware Attacks 
     - SaaS application outages

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  • Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 is a subscription to productivity apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and more, with OneDrive storage.

    Some of the reasons to switch to M365:

     - Saves money by having no server upgrades or maintenance
     - Safe employee collaboration
     - Enhanced Spam control
     - Centralized control for printing
     - Multiple tiers of pricing that fits your business

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  • Multifactor Authentication

    Most of security breaches involve compromised passwords. Even with a strong password, criminals can steal figure out passwords. With Multifactor Authentication, your accounts are protected by requiring a second source of validation when logging into  devices. 


     - simple to use application
     - multiple validation options like push alert, text messaging, touch ID or emails
     - easy setup
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