Managed IT

We’ve Helped 100+ Wisconsin Businesses
Stop Worrying About IT…

HawkPoint’s Managed IT Services provide flexible IT support and management your business needs without the hidden costs and geek speak.

Our manage service plans provide businesses everything it needs to run like an in-house IT at a fraction of the cost and much less frustrations. Utilizing our manage service plans allows your business to stay up on modern technologies with predictable budgets.

Why Managed Services?

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Proactive IT support and management so your employees can focus on what matters most to your business.
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Stop worrying about software updates, patches and security fixes. That's what we're here for.
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Trouble managing and making sense of vendors? We’ll take care of vendor liaison when issues arise.

HawkPoint Technologies Helpdesk

Coverage and support that you can depend on.

Whether your business experiences minor issue with applications, employee accesses, or printer connection or larger issues like network or server outages, these problems will effect your day-to-day progress or worse.

Our IT Help Desk can help stop these problems that will no doubt arise, so your team can focus on moving your business forward and not IT woes.

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You’ll get access to a dedicated, passionate team of experts who are available for issues both large and small.
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Whether you need help via email, chat, phone or in-person doesn’t matter—if you need us, we’ll be there. End of story.


Stop worrying about risks and start focusing on your business.

Cyber threats are constantly changing, cybersecurity practices need to be constantly evolving as threats become more complex and at a higher volume. That means you need to stay ahead of the security threats on a business and individual level.

We’re here to help give your business the upper hand when it comes to cybersecurity. Enforcing and implementing cybersecurity can be time consuming for your team, we’ll stay on top of it for you by:

  • Executing firewall updates.
  • Team security training and best practices.
  • Receiving alerts when compromises occur.
  • Patching vulnerabilities quickly after they're discovered.
  • Updating software to the latest versions.
  • Access controls and multi-factor authentication.

Network Monitoring & Management

Network Monitoring & Management

Your IT infrastructure is made up of numerous devices, endpoints, and servers – whether on-site, cloud or virtual. Management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure is critical for your business.

With constant monitoring and oversight of your network and devices connected to it, we’ll be aware of any threats or outages immediately. One key component is our RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software. It’s constantly capturing device performance data, scanning applications and event logs. RMM will send alerts to our team when issues arise.

  • Real-time access to your network and all connected devices.
  • Intrusion detection.
  • Remote access into devices to fix issues quickly.
  • Performance and inventory reports for full visibility.
  • Routine maintenance and automated backups.

Vendor Management

Better management for a better return on your investment.

Working with vendors can be stressful. It can also take up a lot of your employee’s time. Often vendors and it’s support require your employees to be knowledgeable on issues and use technical jargon your employees may not have answers to.

Our team has experience dealing with vendors that can solve issues so your team doesn’t have to. Let us speak on behalf of your business to get vendor needs and issues taken care of correctly and quickly.

  • Have a single point of contact for anything IT related.
  • Will get on the phone, end email, or open ticket for support.
  • Ensure you’re getting the best services from your vendor.

Work-from-Home Support

Work from anywhere, hassle-free.

Working from home or remotely has become the new normal. Giving your employees the ability and ease to work remotely shouldn’t come with the cost of weak security.

We’ll ensure the tools your team needs to work remotely are in place. With our remote access to your employees’ devices, we can resolve issues or work on improvements without having to visit them at their home office.

  • Monitor remote employees’ devices from threats from new or unknown networks.
  • Oversee and implement team collaboration tools.

Focus on what matters for your business.

Let HawkPoint Technologies’ team of IT experts take your business to the next level. We’re here to elevate your technology and security and alleviate any pain points your business is experiencing, all while saving you money and time.